Lunneskog is a luxury brand offering exclusive fashion and soon also interior products creating lifestyles and spaces with a quality and detail oriented approach. Through genuine craftsmanship and  materials, with the core material being leather, the brand's vision is to create fashion, interior and lifestyle products that embodies timelessness, quality and uniqueness where every piece represents a thought and a story.

Lunneskog is focusing on creating intricate surfaces by fabric manipulation as well as  progressive cutting techniques. The distinctive leather detail designs "So Close" and "Cage" was the starting point for Lunneskog's most recognizable elements, reflecting the brand's attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Often inspired by opposing forces the brand combines exclusive fabrics with leather, adding attitude and edginess to softer materials and feminine silhouettes. With the perfect balance between creative and commercial Lunneskog is offering a timeless, wearable and contemporary result with a unique and luxury feel.

In Swedish, the name Lunneskog means puffin forest, hence the puffin logo representing the brand. The fact that the designer grew up on a street called "Bird's Road", in English translating into the same meaning as of "as the crow flies", ties everything together perfectly.

Photo: Kris Krol

Annika Lunneskog graduated in 2015 from her studies in BFA Fashion Design at Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm, Sweden. She started her education within fashion at upper secondary school by undertaking the ‘Handicraft - Tailoring Program’. In the years leading up to her BFA Fashion Design Studies at Beckman’s College of Design, she has taken various courses in this field such as  a Foundation in Fashion Design, pattern construction  and  one year at London College of Fashion.         

Growing up in her family home on countryside of Stockholm, she used to spend countless of hours in the basement sewing room together with her sister, designing and making clothes. She always had a parallel interest for interior design and apart from sewing you could find her rearranging  furniture and objects in her room, or sitting  by the kitchen table at night where she would be drawing until dawn while everybody else were asleep. Her studies in tailoring during upper secodary school led her to continue within this field and later into  her studies and degree in fashion design. Though always being torn about which  field to make into her career, fashion or interior, instead of picking one over the other Annika is today merging her two great passions  and creating a lifestyle brand where the line between the two fields have  faded.


Often inspired by opposing forces, Annika combines exclusive fabrics and leather together with unexpected materials and details. She prides herself on paying great attention to detail and values the perfection of construction and craftsmanship.

Showcasing her graduation collection at the event "La Suède d'Aujourd'hui" / "Sweden of Today", issued by Leclerc, held in Stockholm 2015 to introduce Swedish music, design and fashion to  1300 French retail representatives. She was awarded the  audience award for fashion. In 2016 Annika Lunneskog  was nominated  as finalist for the  Swedish Society of Crafts and Design's international traveling exhibition: "Young Swedish Design", showcasing up-and-coming  Swedish designers.

In 2016 Annika Lunneskog  was nominated  as finalist for the  Swedish Society of Crafts and Design's international traveling exhibition: "Young Swedish Design", showcasing up-and-coming Swedish designers.


Mistopia - Annika Lunneskog

A good knowledge of craftsmanship, materials and volumefocused approach. In an impermeable, heavy material, Annika Lunneskog has sought the opposite: the sculptural, lightweight and transparent.