Honouring Humanity, Craftsmanship & Time 

Life tends to move faster and faster and so has speed become our life's master with a default mindset of constantly wanting more, instantly. Great things take time, and we have to accept that to be able to stay human. We need to slow down, make more room for the soul to breathe, be happier with less and instead feel more. Only surrounding ourselves with objects that carry thought and craftsmanship. Objects that retain that certain feeling. Things that we really love, that mean something to us and that we will cherish for years to come.

Whether a fashion item or an interior product, our products are made to feel current and beautiful year after year, just like many of the pieces of furniture and interior products out there that we call our design classics. Our products are produced from quality materials and made with attention to detail and love. With a future aspect in mind, they are meant to be a companion for life - used, worn, or just admired, while ageing with beauty. We look at things long term and don't discard beautiful ideas just because seasons are changing.

Why do we have to be so superhuman all the time?

The Lunneskog brand is not focusing on trends but rather on quality and longevity. We discard the idea that certain types of products are meant to be looked upon with a short-term aspect in mind, no longer current after one season. Instead we believe in creating design classics, through craftsmanship, quality and attention to detail - uniquely and specifically recognisable to the Lunneskog brand.


With the dream and goal of a more sustainable tomorrow, we are questioning the reality of why most pieces of furniture, home accessories and kitchen appliances, just to mention a few, are being produced year after year, continuously sought after and seen as current - while fashion items, by default, are mostly looked at with a six months life span. We find that not only unsustainable but also disrespectful towards the creative process, education, knowledge and craftsmanship of a specific trade.


Our philosophy at Lunneskog is that no matter the product; a piece of furniture, a leather belt, a jacket, a vase or a toaster - if produced with quality and sustainability in mind, the specific type of product should not be the deciding factor of the production's longevity. Lunneskog products are made to remain current and to be deserving of receiving love - no matter the passing of seasons. Just like any other "design classic".